Watch Out for These Common Window Replacement Scams

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Replacement windows are one of the most expensive home improvement projects that homeowners make. And unlike other improvements that are for aesthetics, replacing windows is not a choice. If you don’t replace your windows, you’ll lose energy, money and comfort.

On average, windows have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Because this is an expensive project, most homeowners shop around. This is smart. But it also opens them up to unethical window companies that may not have the best products or work ethic.

To ensure that your investment is going toward high quality replacement windows that will hold up to Arizona heat, here are some common scams to watch out for.

Buy-One, Get-One Free Windows

BOGO promotions seem like an amazing deal, especially when you have a full house of windows to replace. But, this is one promotion that you’ll want to be careful with. To make this offer look attractive, window companies inflate their prices so that you think you’re getting a great deal.

Review your window estimates carefully and know what you’re being charged for each window, including the labor and any other fees. Window companies can’t stay in business if they only charge for one window, so chances are, you’re paying inflated rates.

Low Prices

Window companies won’t hesitate to draw you in with low, low prices. Know what you’re getting for this price – it could be the most basic window on the market. Or, the windows could be coming from a company that hasn’t been in business long. If this is the case, how do you know they’ll be around to honor your warranty?

Getting the best price on your replacement windows is important, but this doesn’t mean you should shoot for the lowest price. It’s worth it to pay more and get quality windows that will provide you with indoor comfort, security and efficiency.

Neighborhood Discount

We’re not a fan of knocking on doors and pressuring homeowners, but that’s a discussion for another day. For now, let’s talk about having a window salesman come to your home and offer windows at a discount because your neighbors are buying them, too.

If your neighbors truly are replacing their windows, that’s great. It means it’s probably time for you, too. But take your time finding a company. Don’t be rushed into choosing the company that’s standing outside your door. And never sign anything on the spot. You’ll likely end up paying more for inferior products.

Buy Right Now

No one wants to miss out on a great deal, which is why salespeople use FOMO to get people to act. But again, windows are a major investment, and you deserve to take your time reviewing your options. If a window replacement company is pressuring you to buy now, they’re not giving you any time to research. This is a red flag.

Another way that salespeople put pressure on homeowners is by asking if all homeowners are present. If everyone is there, they can pressure you into making a decision. And, if they offer to call their manager to get a better price, this too is a scam.

Windows are an Investment. Take Your Time!

These window replacement scams are common, and they don’t mean that you won’t get your windows. However, these are also high-pressure sales tactics that push you into buying windows without doing your research. And, they try to make the offers look attractive, when really, they’re not.

Instead, meet with several window replacement companies in AZ and obtain several quotes. Look them over, take your time and know what you are getting for the money. To get your free, no obligation estimate on new replacement windows, contact Greco Roman Windows and Doors today.