Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Replacement Windows in Phoenix

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Replacement Windows in Phoenix

Window replacements and installations in Arizona are expensive. Many people are surprised to see just how much new windows cost when they receive their estimate. People love homes with big windows and lots of natural light, but they forget that this will cost more money when it comes time to replace them!

If you’re in the market for new windows, here are some of the mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Because this is such a high-cost project, some homeowners are tempted to cut corners, but this will ultimately cost you in the long run. Below are the mistakes to avoid when buying replacement windows in Phoenix.

Getting Cheap Windows

 One of the easiest ways to reduce your window installation cost is to choose cheaper windows. However, you never want to sacrifice quality for a lower cost. There are some window companies in Phoenix that offer windows at outrageously low prices, but they are cheap for a reason.

Before you settle on a window company, make sure you know what brands they’re using. Some of these companies will show one window and then install a different one. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen to some homeowners and they end up paying for a window twice!

Considering Only the Initial Cost

When thinking about window installation costs, it’s important to look at things holistically. Always consider the frame material – wood, vinyl, fiberglass – as this will impact the price of your project. Or, do you plan to use your old frames or do you want new frames and casing?

When you obtain an estimate for window replacement in Phoenix, make sure that it’s comprehensive and includes tearing out the windows, discarding them, installing the new windows and sealing them.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

You’ll pay less for a less experienced window installer, but this can end up costing you down the line. There’s a reason why professional window companies cost more – they are often certified to install certain brands and won’t void your warranty. They also make sure all windows are installed properly and have no air or water leaks.

Fortunately, you can find the right installer by doing your research, reading online reviews and getting several estimates. When you look at your quote, also make sure that you know the name brand of the windows so you can read the company’s reviews as well. Avoid ‘John Doe’ windows that you won’t be able to track down.

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These are just a few of the mistakes you should avoid when buying replacement windows in Phoenix. Schedule your free estimate for new windows with Greco Roman Windows and Doors. We carry national name brand windows like Pella, ProVia and Milgard so that you can get the best quality for your home.