Does Brand Really Matter When Buying Windows?

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When choosing high quality windows for your home, it’s important to consider factors such as budget, window style and efficiency ratings. Another thing you don’t want to overlook is the brand. Yes – the brand of windows you purchase makes a difference.

There is fierce competition among window manufacturers, and they use different metrics to rate their windows, so finding a reputable window company can be a difficult process. Plus, there can be a big price difference between a name-brand window and an off-brand window. So how do you know if it’s really worth it?

Let’s learn more about why brand name matters when it comes to new and replacement windows in Arizona.

Why Brand Name Matters When Buying Windows

Do you really need to look for brand-name window companies or can you look at smaller, regional brands? Branding does matter because there are hundreds of window companies, and the industry is fragmented. This means that there are many window companies that compete and there is no single brand that dominates.

By choosing an older, well-established brand, you can expect a certain minimum of quality. Established businesses have made a name for themselves by offering consistent products for many years. And, if anything fails with the product, warranties are in place to cover the purchase. This is critical as the homeowner making the investment.

Off-brand window companies may not have the same mechanisms in place. You could invest thousands of dollars into new windows, only to find that the company no longer exists a few years down the line. Or, the business may not honor their warranty when you need it.

At Greco Roman, We Only Sell High Quality Brands

Greco Roman Construction and Design only sources windows from high quality, reputable brands like Pella, Jeld-Wen, ProVia and Milgard. We choose our brands carefully, as we want to deliver the best service and products to our customers. Some of the features we look for are:

  • USA-made materials. We look for brands that are based in the USA. For instance, Pella is based in Pella, Iowa, Jeld Wen is based in North Carolina and Milgard makes its own glass at its California plant.
  • Warranties. A lot can happen to windows over time, so it’s important that your window purchase is backed by a warranty and/or guarantee. Milgard, for example, offers full lifetime warranties on all its products.
  • Reputation. Some window companies are synonymous with quality, even though their price points are higher. Still, these windows end up saving homeowners money because they’re made with durable materials and have exceptional efficiency.

Greco Roman Construction and Design can customize every aspect of your home remodeling project. Contact us today to learn more about installing new windows in your home from a trusted brand like Pella or Jeld-Wen.