Benefits of a Moving Glass Wall System

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Have you ever been to an aquarium or oceanarium with floor-to-ceiling glass panels? You can stand right up against the glass while sharks, manatees and exotic tropical fish swim right past you. It’s almost as if you are in the tank yourself!

Perhaps you have created an idyllic paradise of nature in your own backyard – not to mention the natural surroundings beyond your own yard. You absolutely love being outdoors in that space. Unfortunately, you spend much of your time indoors, only able to take in the picturesque scene through glass patio doors and windows.

But what if you could be both inside and outside at the same time? What if, instead of a wall with windows, you had in its place a wall of windows? And what if, unlike the aquarium, you could open the glass to unify both indoors and outdoors, going in and out seamlessly?

Guess what? You can! That is exactly what a moving glass wall system is and does. Let’s learn more about a moving glass wall system and the benefits to expect.

What is a Moving Glass Wall System? What are the Advantages?

Moving glass wall systems are usually made up of three to six panels, designed either with stacking doors, pocket doors or bi-fold doors. But the main component is glass. Go ahead, Google search “moving glass wall system.” Look at some of the images. Breathtaking, right? That could be your home!

Besides creating a seamless space of beauty between the indoors and outdoors, here are some other benefits of a moving glass wall system.

  • With an entire wall made of glass, you maximize your views of the surrounding nature. When the glass windows are fully opened, you can step back and see the beauty “framed” better than any wide-angle camera lens!
  • Whether it’s just your own family day-to-day, or you are hosting family and friends, the wide open wall allows for much better traffic flow. No more waiting in line to get through the door! If you love to entertain, a moving glass system creates one “great space.”
  • This seems obvious, but a moving wall system allows much more natural lighting to enter your home, whether the glass is opened or closed. When fully opened, it allows much greater airflow inside – because the inside and the outside have become one space!
  • These systems are surprisingly energy efficient, with well insulated frames, weatherstripping and double pane glass filled with low-E argon gas. This minimizes heat transfer.
  • You might think that opening and closing moving glass wall systems is difficult – but that’s not the case! Because of the use of stainless-steel bearing rollers, the panels glide with ease.
  • These systems provide long-lasting value to your property. For the very same reasons you will love your moving glass wall system, any future potential buyer will love it too! Without a doubt, it will become a marquee item when the time comes to sell your home.

It’s possible that you have never imagined something like this for your home. But if you love your outdoor space, why not consider changing a solid wall into a moving glass wall so that you can combine the indoors and the outdoors? Contact Greco Roman Windows and Doors to learn more about your options for a moving glass wall system.