Custom Alterations for New Windows and Doors in Arizona

Full-Service Window and Door Replacement in Arizona by Greco Roman

It’s time to replace windows or doors in your home or business! It’s not always as simple as removing the old and placing in the new. What happens when you want to change up the styling or add some interest to your window openings or entrances? Working with a full-service window and door installer is the only choice if you need custom alterations while replacing windows or doors in Arizona.

Common Custom Alteration Options when Replacing Windows or Doors in Your Home or Business

Can I Change the Size of my Window While Replacing It?

Yes! Many window installers offer window replacement but cannot accommodate custom alterations if you would like to change the window sizing, placement, or type of windows. Greco Roman Windows and Doors is born out of Greco Roman Construction and Design in Arizona. Our team is proficient in custom alterations that may be necessary when changing things up in your home or business!

Can I Change a Window to a Door or a Door to Windows?

Yes! Greco Roman’s expert installation team can convert your exterior walls to accommodate your design dreams! Other window and door installers may only be able to replace windows and doors with the same size that was previously installed. However, the Greco Roman Windows and Doors installers will work with you to create a custom design for your home or business.

Can I Add Windows to a New Space?

Yes! Sometimes adding windows to a wall that doesn’t already have them requires a new header. Thanks to our construction and design background, the Greco Roman Windows and Doors team can handle more complex installations.

Can I Move a Glass Door From One Area to Another?

Yes! You will not be bound to keep your door in the same location if you would prefer to move it. If your project needs custom alterations during the installation of your new glass door, our team can handle every step of the process.

Size Adjustments

When replacing windows or doors, you are not bound to stay with the same dimensions! Want to let in more light? Choose a larger window or even change it up to a bay window! We can also work with custom shape windows if you so desire.

Color Selections

Greco Roman is proud to offer Milgard Windows as one of the manufacturers of windows and doors. Looking to make an impact? Choose a black vinyl window instead of the usual white.

Glass Treatments

You aren’t stuck with plain clear glass when you’re choosing to represent your style and creativity. Nothing leaves a more distinct impression than choosing something other than the norm. Whether you’re looking for custom groove glass or stained glass, the options are limitless.

Hardware Finishes

Hardware on doors and even on windows can be the perfect finishing touch to your replacement windows or doors project.

Benefits of Custom Alterations When Replacing Windows and Doors

Without proper installation, your new windows and doors won’t have adequate structural support, which can lead to premature failure. Make sure you choose a window and door installer with custom alteration experience. Here are a few benefits of doing so:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Updating windows and doors can help improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. But if your installers don’t pay attention to the fine details, you could end up with new windows and no difference in energy efficiency.

Don’t waste your money on new windows and doors by choosing an installer that doesn’t have customization experience. Even choosing the highest-quality products cannot improve energy efficiency if they aren’t installed properly.

Since Greco Roman’s installers have a background in construction and design, they’re experienced in ensuring the most energy-efficient and custom fit of new windows and doors.

Increased Security

Upgrading your windows or doors can help increase the security of your home or business, but only if they are installed correctly. The installation team at Greco Roman understands that replacing windows or doors is not as simple as popping out the old and popping in the new. Our team ensures that replacement windows and doors not only keep out the natural elements such as rain or wind but that they also keep out unwanted intruders – animals or people!

Better Aesthetics with Custom Alterations

If you plan on spending money on new windows and doors, you want them to look nice. Want to change the look of your home? Changing the style of windows or doors can instantly update your home’s appearance. Our installers understand the complexity of installing windows and doors and ensure that all areas surrounding the new items are beautifully finished to your satisfaction.

Things to Consider when Choosing New Windows or Doors

You aren’t limited to the same size or style window or door when you make the decision to get new. Here are the top things to consider when you’re looking to replace windows or doors in your home or business in Arizona.

Quality Materials

Greco Roman offers the highest quality products without the highest price tag. We have plenty of options to choose from whether you’re looking for a modern or more traditional style. If you prefer Aluminum windows, Wooden Frame windows, or Vinyl windows, Greco Roman commits to offering a wide variety of products to choose from. We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with suppliers – which means you get the best product at the best price.

Work with the Experienced Installers at Greco Roman Windows and Doors for Custom Alterations During Installation

If you’re in the market for new windows or doors, contact the professionals at Greco Roman Windows and Doors and schedule a free in-home or in-business consultation. Our team thrives on custom projects in Arizona, and we look forward to partnering with you on your next home or business project.

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