What Should Your Window Replacement Estimate in Arizona Include?

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What Should Your Window Replacement Estimate in Arizona Include_

Getting an estimate for new replacement windows in Arizona is the first step in the window replacement process. Ideally, you should get at least three window quotes before deciding on a company. But do you know what your estimate should include? It’s important to know what makes up your window quote because this is an expensive project that requires you to pay for the materials and the labor.

Below is what should be included in your window estimate and how to compare prices.


The window itself will impact the cost of the project. Wood is generally most expensive, while vinyl is most affordable. Fiberglass tends to fall in the middle. There is also a difference in the parts the brand uses like screws, adhesives, sealants, etc. Make sure your quote is as detailed as possible so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Another element that affects price is the type of glass you’re getting. A standard glass pack will include double pane glass with air fillings between each pane. You can also upgrade to triple-pane glass, low-E glass coatings and inert gas fillings. These features will cost more, but they can help make your home more efficient.

Labor and Installation

Another big part of your window quote is the installation. Sure, you can find a number of handymen who may charge less for your installation, but there are benefits in choosing a reputable window installation company.

For example, Greco Roman Windows and Doors is a certified installer of Pella, ProVia, Jeld Wen, Milgard and others. We have highly trained crews who will make sure that you get a high quality installation that keeps your warranty intact. Also, your windows will be installed with the proper insulation, ensuring there are no gaps or leaks.

Miscellaneous Costs

A few other costs that should show up in your window estimate are:

  • Permits. Hiring a professional ensures that the proper permits are obtained. Most cities and counties in Arizona require a building permit for replacement windows to ensure that the installer is following the right codes.
  • Certification. You can expect to pay a little more to get a certified installer. That’s because these professionals must go through the proper training and certification.
  • Removal and disposal. Your old windows will need to be taken out before the new ones can go in. This requires time, precision and caution to prevent damage to the home. Once the window is removed, it will need to be discarded safely.
  • Trim and sealing. Your window estimate may also include a cost for the trim and sealing. Trims and sealants are often paid for as materials, as new windows must be properly sealed and caulked.

Get a Free Window Replacement Estimate Today

If you’re receiving quotes from multiple sources, look them over carefully and evaluate their prices. Also be sure that your quotes are complete and include installation, tear out and haul away. Replacing your windows is a big project, and you want to make sure that you’re getting high quality work and materials for a fair price.

To get a free, no obligation estimate from Greco Roman Windows and Doors, contact us today. Not only will we provide you with a thorough estimate, but also we’ll be happy to walk you through it so that you know exactly what you’re paying for!