What Happens During an In-Home Window Consultation?

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In home window consultation

If you’re thinking about buying new windows for your Phoenix home, the process starts off with a consultation – after some research of course! Once you narrow down your search to a few window installation companies, you can then schedule a consultation with each one and compare cost estimates.

To help you get the most out of your window consultation, it’s important to know your wants and needs, identify your budget and ask the right questions. It’s best to ask consistent questions so that you can compare the responses. Below are some tips that will help you prepare for your window in-home consultation.

What is a Window Consultation?

Most window installation companies offer a no-cost consultation. A sales representative will come to your home to learn about your wants and needs and help you focus on the best window selections. They may look around and do some light measuring to get an idea of the types of windows you’ll need – standard or custom.

Consultations are an opportunity to explore your options and get price estimates for the windows you’re interested in. You should not feel pressured to sign anything. In-home consultations are for informational purposes. If the salesperson is pressuring you to commit, this is a red flag. Most window consultations are about 60-90 minutes long.

What Happens During the Consultation?

The objective of a window consultation is to help you find the best window options for your home based on your desires, preferences and budget. The sales representative will ask about these things, as well as take a walk through the home to see where the windows will go. They will also show you different designs, materials and color options.

We recommend having a list of questions to ask each sales representative. This way, you’re getting consistent feedback that you can compare. Some questions to ask are:

  • Which materials are best for my home (vinyl, wood or fiberglass)?
  • Which window functions and features are most important?
  • Am I hoping to increase efficiency with my new windows?
  • Which colors look best with my home’s architecture?

How Can You Prepare for the Consultation?

One of the best ways to prepare for your consultation is to know what you want! What features and functions do you want your new windows to have? Can you find pictures of what you want your new windows to look like? How much are you willing to spend on new windows? Be sure to have realistic expectations, as average window prices are about $650 per window.

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Today!

Greco Roman Windows and Doors offers free in-home consultations. Our consultations are informative and educational. We will never pressure you into signing or buying anything. We recommend that you create a list of questions to ask us and look at some pictures to determine what types of windows you like. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!