Why More AZ Homeowners are Upgrading to Multi-Slide Patio Doors

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If you’re looking to replace your patio door but want something unique, a multi-slide patio door can be a great choice! These doors feature multiple panels to provide beautiful, unobstructed views of the outdoors. The bigger the space you have, the more panels you can add.

There are also plenty of configurations depending on the manufacturer. For example, Pella’s multi-slide patio doors include up to 10 panels that can open from one side to another or from the middle. Let’s learn more about multi-slide patio doors and how they can transform your Phoenix home!

What are Multi-Slide Patio Doors?

Multi-slide patio doors go by many different names – pocket patio doors, multi-panel sliding doors and panoramic patio doors. They operate similar to a traditional sliding patio door but contain more panels, typically between three and 10. The purpose of these doors is to bring in more natural light and create a large viewing area off the kitchen or living room.

With multi-slide patio doors, the panels open up and tuck into pockets, creating an extra wide entryway. This unites your indoor and outdoor living areas while also being practical. For instance, when you’re hosting a barbecue, your guests can come freely in and out of the home without there being a traffic jam. You can also easily carry trays of food and other large items through the wide opening.

What are the Benefits of Multi-Panel Sliding Doors?

Pocket patio doors are more expensive than traditional sliding glass doors. So if you’re on the fence about paying the extra money, it helps to know what benefits you can expect:

  • Plenty of natural light. Bringing natural sunlight into the home offers plenty of advantages, such as increased comfort, lower levels of stress and greater productivity. Because they can have up to 10 panels, multi-slide patio doors bring in more light than any other door!
  • Large viewing area. Arizona has some great views! With large panels, you can bring these views indoors as well. You’ll love the panoramic views of your backyard, as well as what’s off into the distance.
  • Wide entryways. Because the panels tuck into pockets, you can create a much wider entryway than what you get with a regular door. This is great for hosting parties, moving furniture and uniting your indoors and outdoors.
  • Manual or automatic controls. You can control your multi-slide doors manually or with an automatic control. This makes operation easy, especially if you already have your hands full!
  • Endless configurations. From the number of panels to the color and material of the frame, panoramic doors can be customized to your exact needs and liking. Tracks can also be curved, straight or meet at a 90-degree corner, with the panels opening from the middle or one side.

If you’re interested in learning more about multi-slide patio doors, contact Greco Roman Windows and Doors today. We can explain the benefits of these doors, show you some of our work and help you make an informed decision for your home.