Black Windows in Arizona – Is This is a Trend Worth Considering?

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One of the hottest trends in the window world right now is black windows. To be honest, we love the look of black windows, so we can understand why they are popular! Black windows are bold yet sophisticated, and they provide homes in Phoenix with major personalities. But as with other bold trends, you might be concerned that black windows will go out of style.

Here’s everything you need to know about black windows and whether they’re something you should consider for your Arizona home.

Why are Black Windows a Major Trend Right Now?

The black window trend started a handful of years ago as builders and renovators looked for ways to make their homes more dramatic. And they certainly did the trick! Black windows help develop a noticeable contrast in both the inside and outside of the home. They also provide terrific curb appeal.

There are also different ways you can pull off this bold look. Some black windows have black frames only – the glass is either clear with no grids or white grids. Other black windows are completely black, the frames and the grids. There are dozens of other ways you can customize your windows to make them bold and brilliant.

Will Black Windows Go Out of Style?

Because black-framed windows do make a statement, some people worry that they’ll go out of style. But in reality, black windows have been around for a very long time. They were once used regularly in factories, warehouses and farmhouses. The difference is that they are becoming more mainstream in residential homes.

The farmhouse style is partially responsible for the black window trend, as this style combines a country aesthetic with contemporary accents. Black windows also look great on urban homes, especially if you want to pull off an industrial look. So, instead of worrying about the trends, we say it’s most important that black looks good with your home!

Deciding Between Black and White Windows

When you get new replacement windows in Phoenix, you reap the benefits of new materials and energy efficient glass, so we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. But you also don’t want to kick yourself down the road for not getting black or white windows.

While only you can make this decision, here are some points to consider:

  • Style of your home. We recommend black windows for industrial and modern homes, though they look good with other styles, too! Ask your window contractor about a window visualizer that will show you the finished look.
  • Climate. Phoenix is hot, so it’s important to know that black windows won’t be as efficient. Black frames absorb more heat, which means greater heat transfer to your home.
  • Cost. Black windows will probably cost you more, especially if you’re choosing steel for your frame. White windows are more common and available in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood.
  • Covered vs uncovered. Most people agree that black windows look better uncovered, so think about whether or not you want your windows to be your focal point.
  • Aesthetics. If the rest of your home is white, black-framed windows might look out of place. But if you’re planning to update your home with a black entry door and other dark features, black windows will look great!

Greco Roman Windows and Doors can help you choose between white and black windows. We sell high-quality brands that use beautiful finishes on their black windows. Contact our design team today to schedule a free consultation!