Replacement Windows – You Have Choices!

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Whenever you replace something old with something new, you have choices! You are not “locked in” to getting the exact same thing as before. Examples would be replacing your old car or an old television. You can “dream” a bit before deciding on what to buy.

This is also true when it comes time to replace your old windows. You are not locked into the “same old, same old” – you really do have choices! In this post, we’re going to cover some of the most popular replacement windows in Arizona so that you can make an informed decision for your home.

Single or Double Hung Windows

This is the most common style, with either one or both sashes sliding up and down along vertical tracks, locking in the middle. On a double hung window, both sashes can be raised or lowered, whereas on a single hung window, the top sash is fixed in place, and only the bottom sash can be raised and lowered.

Either style allows for good ventilation. These windows are relatively easy to clean and are fairly budget friendly. Screens are placed within additional rails on the sash, and can also be moved up and down. The seals on this style of window are not as weathertight as some other styles, and over time sashes may tend to slip, not holding into place when opened.

Casement Windows

This style is also known as “crank style” windows because you turn a crank or lever to open and close the window. This style either slides on an upper and lower rail or swings open and close on hinges like a door.

The weathertight, energy efficient seals on casement windows are far superior to weather seals on single or double hung windows. This style allows maximum airflow into your home when opened. Screens for casement windows are mounted on the inside, since the windows open outward.

In some cases, over time, hardware and/or gears may wear out and need replacement. Two things to note: 1. You cannot use this style of window where you want to mount a window air conditioning unit. 2. If there is anything close to your house, such as a tree, foliage, or even a walkway, casement windows which swing outward may not be the best choice.

Awning Windows

This style operates in the same way as casement windows, except that this window style opens from the top, not from the sides. Aside from this difference, the same pros and cons apply as with casement windows. One advantage of this style is that the window can be left open when it is raining.

Sliding Windows

The simplest way to think of this style is that it is just like sliding glass doors, except it is a window. The sashes slide side-to-side to open and close horizontally. The screen for this type of window is mounted on the outside. This window style is durable, easy to open and close, and because there is less hardware involved, it is typically easier on the wallet.

Sliding windows are also a great choice for egress windows. Over time, if the tracks/rails fill with dirt or debris, this style of window may begin to stick, making it hard to open and close.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are essentially large framed and sealed panes of glass. They allow in plenty of natural light and create a beautiful vista of the beauty outdoors. These windows have no hardware and cannot be opened or closed. Which means no airflow or ventilation can come from this window. But if you want a large, unobstructed view of surrounding natural beauty, picture windows can’t be beat!

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a group of windows that are built to “jut out” from the wall of the house, typically with three sides. Typically, bay windows are installed with a fixed middle window, with windows on either side that open and close.

Bay windows add a “wow” factor to a room, both allowing more natural light, and giving the appearance of a larger space indoors. Because you are typically opening up a wall of your house to install a bay window, and because bay windows are more elaborate than other styles, this will be a more expensive choice.

Believe it or not, there are even other types of windows, but these are the most common types. But as you can see, you do have choices! Contact Greco Roman Construction and Design to discuss the best window options for your Arizona home!