Should I Replace All of my Windows One at a Time?

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Some pushy salespeople would lead you to believe that you need to replace all of your windows at the same time. They make it seem like replacing your windows in phases is just plain dumb! Are they right? Is it that cut-and-dry? Are you a bad homeowner if you don’t replace all your windows, all at once? Let’s think this through.

We start with this basic fact: Replacing windows in Arizona in phases CAN be done, unlike many other home improvement projects. You cannot, for instance, only add part of a room to your house. You cannot connect the plumbing pipes only part-way. You can’t even install a door with only one hinge!

But with windows, it’s different. Why? Because each window is a standalone home improvement job. There is no “should” when it comes to replacing windows. You can do it all at once, or you can do it in stages. The choice is yours!

The Case for Replacing Your Windows at One Time

Even though you have options to install new windows in phases, the vast majority of homeowners in Arizona replace their windows at the same time. Let’s explore why.

  • The appearance factor. If you replace only part of your windows, the old windows will not match the new windows in terms of aesthetics. Ask yourself, “Am I okay with my windows being mismatched for a period of time?”
  • The age factor. Windows typically have a lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on the quality. If all of your windows are past their prime, they’re likely to have the same problems: cracked seals, warping, difficulty opening and closing, hard to clean, drafty, etc. If you replace your windows in stages, some of your old problems will remain. Ask yourself, “Are all of my windows past their prime? Can I live with the ongoing problems of the non-replaced windows?”
  • The efficiency factor. With our desert-hot climate, replacing only some of your windows may not give you the comfort and efficiency you’re looking for. Ask yourself, “Can I continue to accept the discomfort and higher energy costs that will result from replacing my windows in phases?”
  • The cost factor. The actual windows themselves are fairly fixed in cost, but the less windows you install at a time, the more you may pay in labor costs. In addition, if you replace your windows in stages, it’s possible that window prices will increase by the time you get to phase two. For instance, if you replace five windows now and five windows later, you will probably pay more overall because the second install costs more than the first. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay more in the long run by replacing my windows in phases?”
  • The hassle factor. When all windows are completed at once, there is less hassle. A typical crew will knock out 15-16 replacement windows all in one day. Boom! You’re done! If you split the project up, you will have more visits for measuring and for installing. No, not the end of the world, but ask yourself, “Can I live with the inconvenience of multiple visits and workdays?”

Get a Free Estimate on Residential Windows in Arizona

Can you replace your windows in phases? Absolutely! Should you? It depends on your own answers to the questions above.

One option you never consider is to purchase cheaply manufactured, lesser quality windows for your whole house, just to make it more affordable. If you cannot afford to tackle the entire project all at once, it’s far better to install high-quality windows in phases than to have buyer’s remorse for all new windows.

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