Inswing vs Outswing Patio Doors

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If your Phoenix home could use a new patio door, you have plenty of options to choose from. While some of the decisions you make will be based on your personal preferences, others will depend on where the door is located and how you use your space. For instance, is your patio connected to your kitchen or living room? How often do you use your outdoor space?

The two main choices you have for patio doors in Arizona are inswing and outswing. Let’s learn more about these two types of doors and what to expect from each.

Inswing Patio Doors in Arizona

Inswing patio doors swing inward. They are the more common pick, and because of this, they’re easy to find and readily available. To accommodate inswing patio doors, your home must have adequate space indoors. Most homes do, since inswing doors are more common.

Another benefit to inswing doors is that the hinges and security features are on the inside, making it easy to lock up at night. And, when you open the doors, there is an indirect flow of air that doesn’t hit you in the face. This is helpful on days when the winds are high!

The one downside to inswing patio doors is that they open inward, which can cause problems with furniture. You’ll want to think about your furniture placement beforehand, and measure out how far the doors will swing open to make sure there is no conflict.

Outswing Patio Doors in Arizona

Outswing patio doors swing outward. While they are not the popular choice for homebuilders, they fit well in some spaces. However, do keep in mind that your options will be more limited. To get what you want, it’s likely that you’ll have to place a custom order, making these doors more expensive.

What people like about outswing doors is that they have a weather-tight seal and offer superior protection. It’s very unlikely that an outswing door would be kicked in by intruders. In fact, most commercial buildings have outswing doors because they are secure and prevent people from getting trapped in an emergency.

Outswing doors are also a good pick when you have limited space indoors. That being said, you’ll need ample space for the doors to swing open on the outside. Patio furniture will need to be cleared away.

Which Way Should You Swing?

The patio door you choose for your home depends on your needs and personal preferences. To discuss your options for a new patio door that connects the indoors to the outdoors, get in touch with Greco Roman Windows and Doors. We can help you choose the perfect door for your Phoenix home!