Replacing Your Windows in AZ? Consider These Grid Patterns!

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There was a time when window grids served a purpose. They were intended to hold together multi-pane windows so that they could ship long distances without the glass breaking. Today, things are different. Window grids, also known as grilles or muntins, are mostly decorative. So if you’re thinking about new windows for your Arizona home, you don’t necessarily have to choose a grid pattern.

Window Grid Styles

If you like windows with grids, you have more options than you may realize. You can even customize your grid pattern to match your home. Here are some grid styles to consider for your replacement windows in AZ.

  • Colonial. The colonial style is a traditional design that’s all about symmetry. The grids in Colonial windows are typically the same on both sashes. This usually results in six square or rectangular grids dividing each sash.
  • Craftsman. Craftsman homes often use double-hung windows with grids on the top sash. This gives the windows a clean and modern look, while offering excellent visibility.
  • Prairie. Prairie grids are not symmetrical like Colonial or Craftsman styles. The grilles run along the edge of the glass, leaving more uninterrupted glass. This pattern also leaves small squares in the corners of the window.
  • Victorian. Victorian homes are known for their intricate details, and Victorian grid windows are no exception. These windows tend to be tall, with patterns that look like stained glass.
  • Farmhouse. Compared to other windows, farmhouse windows tend to have chunky trims and simple grid patterns. Many farmhouse windows feature a classic four-by-four grille pattern.

Gridless Windows

Grilles add character to otherwise ordinary windows. But for some homes, particularly those with a modern style, gridless windows look best. These windows have no grid patterns – they are perfectly clear and offer exceptional views.

To bring out the seamless design, gridless windows often have thin frames. Many people choose to leave these windows open (no window treatments) so they can highlight their natural beauty. These windows end up being the focal point in the room.

Find the Perfect Windows for Your AZ Home

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to the grid pattern you choose, or if you choose to have one at all! But, it is definitely something you’ll want to consider, as new windows give you freedom to choose your grid pattern.

To speak with Greco Roman Windows and Doors, contact our team of experts today. We’ll be happy to go over the various options you have for windows and which ones will look the best in your Arizona home.