Differences Between Replacement and New Construction Windows

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When it comes time to replace your windows in Phoenix, you have two main options: replacement windows and new construction windows. There are pros and cons to both options, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It all comes down to the windows you want to install, your budget, your timeline and the condition of the exterior materials.

This post will go into more detail regarding the differences between replacement and new construction windows so that you can make an informed decision for your Arizona home!

What are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are designed for easy installation into a pre-existing window opening. We typically recommend using replacement windows when the wall has been built and cannot be disturbed. These windows replace the existing window and are smooth sided for easy insertion. They have no nailing fins or flanges.

We also recommend replacement windows when there are time or budget restraints. Because replacement windows are faster and easier to install, they cost less than new construction windows. This makes them a more affordable option for homeowners. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to install each window.

The downside to replacement windows is that they do not have nailing fins so they’re not as weather-tight. Also, you can’t change the size or shape of the window.

What are New Construction Windows?

New construction windows are designed for clear openings in the house, often with no trim or siding in place. They have nailing fins or flanges on the exterior, allowing for better insulation than replacement windows. As long as they are installed correctly, new construction windows are 100% weather-tight.

Typically, new construction windows are ideal when building a home or taking on a major remodeling project. Because the wall and frame are going to be new, you also have the option to choose a new size or shape window for your space. You can also choose new construction windows if the wall and frame are badly deteriorated.

The negatives to new construction windows is that they are more expensive, and take longer to install. However, if you’re building a house or working on a remodeling project, you can probably wait. Replacement windows, on the other hand, can be installed in a day or two.

When to Install Replacement vs New Construction Windows

If you’ve noticed your neighbors installing new windows in their homes, it’s likely that they’re using replacement windows. They are quick and easy to install, and they give homeowners all the benefits of new windows – improved efficiency, enhanced security, better noise reduction, increased curb appeal and more.

Generally, new construction windows are the best choice when:

  • Building a new house
  • Building a home addition
  • Replacing an extremely damaged window
  • Rebuilding a badly damaged wall

Replacement windows are recommended when:

  • Replacing an existing window
  • Using non-construction windows with detachable fins
  • Wall must stay in place
  • Home is not under construction

Greco Roman Windows and Doors can help you select the best windows for your Phoenix home. We will go over your options for replacement and new construction windows, and which one is best for your needs and budget. We have high quality window solutions for all types of projects, and we offer superior workmanship and outstanding service. Schedule a free estimate today!