5 Best Window for Energy Efficiency in Phoenix AZ

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When you invest in energy efficient windows, you can expect a more comfortable home and cheaper energy bills. A lot goes into making windows efficient, including the glass, the frames and the quality of the installation. Fortunately, you can compare window labels and ratings to get an idea of which ones are most efficient.

Below are the top five best windows for improving efficiency in Phoenix AZ.

1. Fixed Windows

Fixed picture windows don’t offer functionality like other windows do. But when it comes to being efficient, this is a great thing! Since you can’t open and close a picture window, there’s no airtight seal to break. No other window style is like this, making picture windows one of a kind. And they still offer a beautiful, unobstructed view and plenty of natural sunlight. We recommend these windows for parts of your home where you don’t need ventilation.

2. Hinged Windows

Hinged windows use a crank or push of your hand to open, and they pivot outward. They’re great for ventilation, but they have a couple of benefits over traditional windows. For one, they have lower leakage rates because they don’t slide open and closed. Second, the single sash of a hinged window presses firmly against the grain instead of having two sashes overlap. Popular hinged windows include casement windows, awning windows and hopper windows.

3. Energy Star Windows

Every window has an energy performance rating based on National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) testing, but only the most efficient have the blue sticker from Energy Star. If efficiency is the most important factor for you, look for this sticker. Energy Star windows are certified by the government and have a higher efficiency than windows with one star. Pay attention to the climate and geography that the efficiency is based on, as you want something that will hold up to the hot Southwest sun.

4. Insulated Windows

Another option you have is insulated windows. These windows feature two separate panes of glass separated by insulating gas. Dual-pane windows have three layers of insulation, whereas triple-pane windows have five. This is far superior to single-pane windows that only have one layer of glass and no insulating gas.

5. Low-E Windows

The outside of the glass matters, too. Low emissivity coating on the window panes helps block UV rays and infrared light, while allowing visible light to come through. By blocking out infrared light, heat is stopped from entering the home. Low-E glass also works in the winter by reflecting heat back into your home to reduce heat loss. There are different low-E window glass options to choose from, so talk to a local window company about which one is best for your needs!

Now that you know your options for energy efficient windows in Arizona, set up a time to meet with Greco Roman Windows and Doors. We can go over your options for high quality, efficient windows and see which ones meet your needs and budget. You can count on us to provide top quality brands and superior installation that ensures efficiency in your home.