Why Fiberglass Windows are Worth the Investment

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Fiberglass windows are a great choice for Arizona homes. Fiberglass is a middle-of-the-road option, as it mimics the appearance of wood and the strength and durability of vinyl, but it’s more expensive. However, Arizona homeowners find that fiberglass windows are worth the investment because they look beautiful and let in natural light without letting in heat!

Let’s learn more about why fiberglass windows are worth every penny.

Let in More Light

How do fiberglass windows let in more light? Since vinyl is not as strong as fiberglass, the frames need more material, decreasing your glass space and your view of the beautiful outdoors. Fiberglass windows have thinner frames and more glass, allowing more light to come through.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass windows have a thermal conductivity that is 500-800 times less than aluminum. This means the outdoor heat stays outside, keeping your home comfortable and your energy bills stable. Additionally, because the frames are rigid, they will not expand and contract as the weather changes.

Enjoy Unsurpassed Durability

Fiberglass is incredibly strong and durable. It is made of glass fibers that are strategically placed to ensure maximum strength. In other words, the glass fibers create an entirely new material that’s stronger than wood and vinyl.

Because fiberglass is strong, the frames can hold larger window panes. If you want a wall full of windows, this is the way to achieve it! Plus, fiberglass windows won’t damage easily, resisting denting, scratching and warping.

Save Time with Less Maintenance

Want your windows to look new for longer? That won’t be a problem with fiberglass windows. Because fiberglass doesn’t warp, crack or corrode, it holds up well to various weather conditions and home construction projects. You don’t even need to repaint the frames! Simply clean your windows periodically using warm water, white vinegar or a window cleaner.

Support the Environment

It takes 80 percent less energy to produce fiberglass compared to aluminum, and about 40 percent less energy compared to vinyl. Fiberglass is made mostly of sand, which is an abundant resource that can be easily recycled. So while you may pay more, there’s an immediate environmental impact from opting for fiberglass.

Pick from Various Colors

While you may have fewer color options compared to wood, fiberglass still has dozens of colors to choose from to complement your home’s color scheme. For example, fiberglass window frames are available in black, which is a rising trend in homes of all styles. You can also repaint fiberglass frames in the future if you want a different color.

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