What is Window Glazing?

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When replacing windows in your Phoenix home, one of the first things homeowners think about is energy efficiency. New windows are going to be more efficient than old, drafty windows, as they are made from newer parts and materials. Of course, your new windows will only be as good as the installation, so make sure that you choose a qualified and reliable window contractor.

When considering energy efficiency, an important feature to look at is window glazing. Window glazing refers to the glass inside of a window, which can be single, double or triple glazed. (Glazing can also refer to the putty that holds the glass in place.)

Let’s learn more about window glazing and why it’s important for energy efficient windows.

The Basics of Window Glazing

Window glazing is a broader term that refers to a pane of glass. A single glazed (single pane) window is a window with one sheet of glass. These windows are the least efficient and typically found in older homes. Therefore, when replacing single glazed windows, you’re getting something more efficient right off the bat.

A double glazed (double pane) window, therefore, has two sheets of glass, with a space in the middle. These are the most popular types of windows as they are efficient, durable and affordable. Inside the middle of the glass is usually argon gas which helps to insulate the windows.

Lastly, there is such a thing as a triple glazed window that has three sheets of glass with argon gas in between. These windows are most expensive, but they are also most efficient. Not all homes need triple glazed windows. We typically recommend them for homes in colder environments that need the insulation.

How Does Glazing Affect Windows?

Now that you know more about window glazing and what it means for your windows, let’s cover how the type of glazing you choose will impact your investment.

Insulation and energy efficiency

The more layers of glass your windows have, the more insulation and energy efficiency you can expect. But, there are other factors that will impact insulation and efficiency, including the frame design, quality of weatherstripping and quality of installation. Most homes do just fine with double glazed windows, especially when purchased from a reputable company.

Noise reduction

More layers of glass also mean that outside noise is reduced. There is no such thing as a truly soundproof window, but double and triple glazed glass can definitely block out far more noise than a single glazed window. This is the case because sound waves have a harder time traveling through multiple panes of glass.


Windows with only one pane of glass are more vulnerable to break-ins. Multi-pane windows, on the other hand, are harder to break into because there are multiple layers of glass. The good news is that when you install replacement windows, you also get new hardware, which plays a huge role in security.

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